Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Days 24 and 25

Hi Everybody-

We really need everyone to pray really hard for Natalie's counts to go up tomorrow or the next day. She's still at nothing, which is worrisome. The doctors say if she is still at 0 on Thursday, they will need to do a biopsy to see why her new cells are not growing.

It makes me sick to my stomache to think that something could be wrong and her new cells are having problems grafting into her body. Trying to stay positive, but this waiting and waiting is so hard!

Tonight, Sean and Natalie were talking on the phone to each other. It was really cute to hear their conversation. Sean wants Natalie home soon and so do we.


Dinh said...

Jason and I are praying everyday. We'll be there on Saturday.

Heather said...

We'll pray specifically for that. love you,


Jen said...

We will be praying for that also.
love you,

tish said...

Natalie, Sean, Tammy, Grant, Nancy, Fred and all the Nakatani family,

Know that I join you in prayers that our powerful and loving maker reach out his healing hand to Natalie. I have asked prayer groups to join us in prayer. Praying that love, replaces all fear and anxiety with patience, hope and optimism. Give them strength and rest as you fill their hearts with renewed hope and faith in you. During these trying times, sustain them with your grace. Amen.