Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 45

We are having a great Father's Day. Grant woke up happy because Natalie's ANC is 610today. Sean and I got to spend some time together this morning. Sean said he had a good day because he got to see Natalie and she was not asleep during his visit today.

Grant asked the doctors more questions today and got clarification about going home. Natalie gets to go home after her counts hits 2,OOO, she starts eating and drinking consistently, and she is able to take her medicines orally. Of course, this is all pending that the biopsy results tomorrow looks good too. Please pray for all these things for us.

Hope everyone is having a great Father's Day too!


kidsSTRONG said...

Wow- 610! This is great. ANC above 500. You are on your way. We will keep praying for 2,000 now.

IN the meantime, enjoy your family visits now that Sean can play with his sister. This is the best therapy and a true blessing.


tish said...

YAHOO!!! Happy belated Father's Day Grant, what an awesome gift! Batting for a 2000, prayers going out for continued healing! So happy for you all!
love, Tish

Jen said...

What a great Fathers Day present and a great gift for Sean too, to be able to see his sister!!!
We prayed for "at least" a 20 count jump and look what more God did!!

Love you guys!
The Cody's

Anonymous said...

Yay for those climbing ANCs! Madeline and Kyle actually had an argument last night over WHO would pray for Natalie -- so they both did. Happy Father's Day, Grant! We're now praying for awesome biopsy results, and ANC to hit 2000! Love and lots of prayers to you guys from us Kiyunas.