Thursday, June 17, 2010

Biopsy Today- Day 42

The good news first- Natalie's WBC jumped up again. They are at .7 today. We wanted them to be at .6, so we are happy it's higher. Still waiting to see what her ANCs are today.

The not so good news is that Natalie still needs to get a biopsy done today at 4:30 pm. They just want to see what is going on in her marrow. Natalie is not looking forward to that procedure. Please pray for us that it goes as well as last time. That one was great because Natalie felt no pain from the injection site and she was sewing and talking/laughing right after that. Also, please pray that the results are great too- no leukemia in her marrow.


kidsSTRONG said...

Yahoo, WBC of .7! This is wonderful news. Add some nuetrophils and we are off to the ANC races- watch 500 here we come.

As always sending lots of prayers and love your way. Hope all goes well again with the biopsy today at 4:30 - no leukemia in marrow only new DNA.

Anonymous said...

Go WBC! That is awesome. Praying for those ANC -- as well as for today's biopsy. Praying for no leukemia at all (and never again) and only new DNA. ~The Kiyunas