Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 26

Natalie got up at 6 am this morning full of energy. She quietly played her DS until I woke up. I realized her counts were still 0 because the nurse would've rushed into the room to tell me the good if her counts were up. I didn't even ask and just started my day trying not to fixate on that. Natalie and I sewed together and watched tv. She didn't feel like having any visitors today, except Yolanda managed to sneak in. Natalie was okay with that because Yolanda makes her laugh and she likes giving Yolanda a hard time.

She was ready and waiting for the doctor to come in today. This is a first since she dreads the daily examinations. They didn't come in until 1:30 and the first thing out of Natalie's mouth was, "Why are you so late today?" I think she was curious to know what they were going to do about her counts not going up. She wanted to know Plan B and Plan C, if any.

We are really hoping and praying we never have to execute Plan B because Plan A is working even if we don't see the cells growing yet. Still at zero, but we know so many people are praying. There is always magic when that happens.

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tish said...

Oh Tammy, Natalie's spirit and wonder through the eyes of a child are joyous! Keep those doctors on their toes! Keeping you and yours in prayer for that magic that only our maker can produce.

love and prayers,