Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 41

Guess what? Natalie's WBC counts went up to .4 AND she finally has some ANCs! Grant texted me at 7 am this morning with the good news. We are so happy!! We are so surprised because we thought for certain there was no chance for her counts to go up at all now this week due to the antibiotics they started on Natalie yesterday. Those normally suppress and slow down her counts. Please continue to pray those counts keep climbing.

Sean's journal helped me last night in my sadness. We decided to read his school journal for his bedtime story last night as a special treat after having a hard day. Sean loves sharing his journal with everybody. He is very proud of it. His entry on May 25 reads, "Im watering my papas patatos. Dont focus on it to much siad papa. He is smart." Sean laughed when we read that together. There is a picture he drew showing himself watering the plants. It made me think of Natalie's counts and how I need to stop focusing on them too much if I want them to grow. I need to just pray for them and let them grow on their own.

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