Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Days 38, 39 & 40

It's been hard the past couple of days with Natalie. She still is feeling nauseous and her counts are not going up the way the doctors want to see them go up. They went up a little Sunday, but went down again Monday. To make things worse, she spiked a fever at 5 am this morning. They started more antibiotics on her today so I'm losing hope that she will be able to go home this weekend. Yes, some optimistic part of me was really hoping that her counts would soar and we would all be home to celebrate Father's Day together.

They are scheduling another biopsy this Thursday just to check her marrow again. Please pray for the biopsy to go well and for the results to be good. What we want to see is no leukemia and the donor cells grafting in her marrow!

Natalie is happy with her Auntie being here. She said she had a good day today with Natalie until I walked in the door. Natalie was happy and talkative until 5 pm when I showed up. I hope she was being fussy because of the Benedryl, and not me.

Good news for our family is that Sean graduated from Kindergarten on Monday. We are so proud that he finished out the year despite all our fears about him getting sick and passing on the germs to us. Due to his wonderful teacher and the great volunteer parents who sanitized the tables EVERY day for Sean, Sean did not get sick once from being at school. I'm seeing that it does take help from everybody to get our family through this hard time. Sean is very excited about moving on. In his own words, "behold first grade!"


Anonymous said...

I pray for Natalie everyday. I hope and pray very soon her counts will go up and all of this will be behind all of you. You've come this far! Don't give up hope! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh and congratulations for Sean moving on to the 1st grade! I am 23 and I still remember a few things from that time in my life. Precious memories there!

Nancy said...

Sean is such a character! Love him! :) Gran