Monday, June 7, 2010

Days 30, 31 & 32

Weekend was emotionally challenging as far as worrying about the results today. We still do not have the final reports, but the preliminary results look good. They are seeing donor cells in Natalie's marrow, which is what we all want! We just need the final report to confirm that. We are also waiting for the final reports to confirm there are no leukemia cells in her marrow. Please continue to pray for those reports to show good news and those counts to go up. Counts are still at 0.

The biggest excitement for the weekend for Natalie is that Kids Strong gave her an iPad. They want her to test it out and get her feedback on the iPad for kids in her situation at the hospital. So far, Natalie is in love with it. Sean is in love with it too. He got to play a little with it at home before we gave it to Natalie. He understands though that Natalie needs it more than he does right now because she is stuck at the hospital. The only bad thing Natalie has to say about the iPad is that it is a little slow due to the WiFi here at the hospital. She can't wait to take it home and really see it in action. She will write up her own report on it and submit to Kids Strong herself.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear the donor's cells are in Natalie's marrow. This is great news! I am hoping the final report is all good news.

tish said...

WONDERFUL NEWS!!! Praying the counts start to go UP and UP...
Wow, her very own for you Natalie! Enjoy, looking forward to hear more and more good news. Thank God for all his blessings on you!