Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 47- Please Pray for Natalie!

We are in shock as I am typing this so I hope my writing makes sense.

I woke up this morning happy. Glanced over at Natalie and she had her mouth slightly open as she was sleeping. She looked so peaceful. Got her counts for today and WBC is 1.9, ANC is 890.

Then, we got smacked with bad news that Natalie's final biopsy report shows 2% leukemia. Big lump developed in my throat and my heart raced. Grant and I met with the doctors and I was still in shock during the entire meeting. Everything was pointing to things getting better... I don't understand.

There is a plan, but we need every single person we know to please pray for it to be successful. The plan is for Natalie to get off one of the meds she has been on. It's called cyclosporine. The hope is that getting off that will help her donor cells grow enough to fight the leukemia. The risk of getting off that is the chance for Natalie to get Graft Vs. Host Disease (GVHD), which is dangerous. Here is what we need all of you to pray for with all your heart and everything you've got:

1. Natalie's donor cells to grow like wild fire to beat the leukemia cells and wipe them out.Specifically, we need her lymphocytes to grow and her leukemia to not grow.

2. Natalie to not get GVHD.
3. For this plan to cure Natalie and we can be done with this.

Please pray for us.


Anonymous said...

Tammy, I'm so sorry to read this, but am glad that the doctors have a plan to help Natalie. We will be praying a lot and very specifically for Natalie -- for her donor cells to grow and wipe out the leukemia completely, for her to not get GvHD, and for her to be completely cured. Love, the Kiyunas

Anonymous said...

I pray for Natalie to be cured soon and the next results show no leukemia in her.

Ling said...

Tammy and Grant, we ache for you on reading the discouraging news. We will be praying for no GVHD, no growth of leukemia and for growth of the right stuff - donor cells and lymphocytes. We are always praying for Natalie to be fully cured and for your family to be home together. Hugs from Seattle, the Hongs.

tish said...

Dear Lord, Heavenly Father,

We turn to you today in prayer for Natalie. Please help Natalie’s cells and body gain strength to battle and beat the leukemia. Grant her Your Mercy, Health, Protection and Strength, Lord, and provide these to her family and loved ones as well. Open their eyes and hearts to the advances in cancer therapy with renewed hope that her lymphocytes grow and her leukemia does not; that her body does not reject the new cord cells. Fill them with the knowledge that another successfully survived the battle against leukemia and let it shine Your beacon of Hope and Grace.

We pray fervently for her parents Tammy, Grant, Brother Sean, grandparents Nancy, Fred and entire family that their spirits are lifted in hope and faith giving further witness to Your everlasting Mercy and Love for us.

Let all the hearts feel your inexplicable calming presence and your Son's promise to us that with You, nothing is impossible. Lift them up and keep them safe in the palm of Your loving hand, Lord. This we ask confidently in the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ, Amen.

Tracy said...

Tammy & Grant...I just don't understand this as much as you, and I am emotionally overwhelmed with sadness because I've been praying for good outcome for Natalie. I will keep praying for God's healing for Natalie.