Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 81- Time At Home

We've been at home since my last post. Sorry we have not been keeping up with the updates as much. It's definitely more busy at home with all the normal daily responsibilities we have with both kids on top of all the medical stuff we have to do with Natalie.

Natalie has been doing good. She has her moments where she really gets sad and upset that she can't go out and do everything she wants to do, but she is learning how to live within the health boundaries that have been drawn for her. When she doesn't have to go to a doctor's appointment, she spends her days reading, playing on her iPad, and playing in the backyard. We did take her for a walk at the Lafayette Reservoir a week ago and she wanted to walk the entire 3 miles. We had a major battle with saying no to her. Looking back, it made me almost cry to see her walk up and down the hills as if she never had a transplant. I hated having to tell her that she couldn't exercise, but I did not want to be responsible for sending her to ER for pushing too hard. It's hard to believe that a couple of weeks ago she could barely walk around her hospital room.

The biggest highlight is we got to celebrate Natalie's 9th birthday at home with family last Tuesday. We had a little treasure hunt, elephant pinata, and played with water balloons in the backyard. Natalie said she had a great birthday.

The most recent biopsy done 2 weeks ago still shows 2 percent leukemia. We started interferon shots on Natalie last Wednesday. We are hoping and praying that the interferon will produce a little graft vs. leukemia that will cure Natalie. We were afraid the shots would be too much for Natalie, but she is handling it really well emotionally. Please keep us in your prayers that the interferon treatment that Natalie is on right now will cure her of leukemia. Sean said he really wants Natalie to not have to be hospitalized again or go to so much doctor's appointments. We want that too. Natalie has another biopsy next Tuesday and we need all your prayers that the results shows no more leukemia.