Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 29

The biopsy procedure went really well yesterday. It was a little bit exciting for Natalie to be able to leave her room. However, she did wish it was for something fun instead of a biopsy. They covered her entire body and Elley (her elephant) with a white sheet to protect both from germs so she couldn't see anything. She did hear people saying, "Hi Natalie" to her as they rolled her down to the surgery floor. She woke up pretty quickly from the biopsy and did not have any pain from the procedure. We were grateful for that.

It also made Natalie's day to get a taste of Hawaii from an old family friend, the Changs. They brought us macademia nuts and beautiful cookies from Hawaii, along with tons of other gifts. The cookies were all individually wrapped which made them perfect for Natalie to eat. Thank you Arleen and Spencer!

We are just waiting for the results now and praying that we see donor's DNA in her marrow. Also, praying for those stubborn counts to go up.


Dinh said...

I'm glad the biopsy went well and Natalie and Elley are doing good!

tish said...

I am so thankful!!! Yahoo...Elley and Natalie are so very brave and had some Aloha from your friends. It is so wonderful to know and hear and see how much love is being poured out. Keeping in prayer that we hear some more good news!

Tracy said...

Hi Tammy & Grant,

I hope Natalie wasn't scared when they wrapped her up. That's great Elley was able to leave the room with Natalie. I'm assuming that Elley is the special one that also went to China with Yolanda??? Still praying for those counts to go up.