Saturday, May 29, 2010

Days 22 & 23

After a week of eating nothing, Natalie is showing interest in food again. She had some crackers with cream cheese yesterday and today. We are trying to not push food on her because we don't want her to get sick from the food. She is also more energetic today. She got up and sewed an outfit for her elephant, watched a little tv, and played DS with Sean for a bit.

Her counts are still at 0. She has a virus in her bladder that probably won't go away until her new cells develop. It doesn't seem to bother her much, but please pray that it doesn't grow to cause any complications for Natalie.

Despite all this, we have been told by the doctors that she is doing well. All of us are really hoping that her counts come up starting tomorrow. Please continue to keep those counts in your prayers for us.


Jen said...

we will keep praying Tammy. She is the toughest little girl I know and so is her momma:o)
we love you guys and can't wait until you are all home together, healthy and strong.


Tracy said...

Hi Natalie..I'm glad you were able to eat and even had the energy to sew an outfit for your elephant. I will keep praying for your counts to go up and the infections to go away. Stay strong Natalie!

Auntie Tracy