Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 55

Natalie is home. It is wonderful having her at home. Sean was so happy to see her that he said, "I am so excited that I am trembling!"

Sean wants to follow Natalie everywhere. He is really trying not to be too loud or too wild since he understands that she is not as active as she used to be. He is like a little, loyal puppy. He asked if he could lay down on the floor of her room next to her bed when she is laying down. Natalie has more energy than we thought she would. We are trying to help her pace herself too.

Natalie will be home for the next two weeks if she does not have any complications or a fever. She goes in for a biopsy on July 14th. We are praying for a great time at home and the biopsy to look really good on the 14th.


Nancy said...

Sean is just too precious! My wish is for you all to thoroughly enjoy your two weeks home... may that time pass calmly and uneventfully! Love you all, Mom N

Tracy said...

I spoke to Natalie this morning. She sounded really happy to be home. I love hearing her talk because she can go on for hours! She continues to amaze me with her energy, upbeat personality, and positive attitude. She told me that she finger knitted clothes for her elephants, and Sean keeps busy with school work.

We will continue to pray for all of you, especially for Natalie to get better and for the biopsy to go well next week.

Auntie Tracy, Uncle Sei, Cameron, and Ava

Tracy said...

Natalie...Have fun with Sean and enjoy the delicious meals from Po Po!

Auntie Tracy

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear she is home. Madeline and Kyle were so excited to hear it! Will continue pray really really hard for that biopsy and complete healing! Love,
The Kiyunas

Anonymous said...

So happy you are home again Natalie! I hope you have a wonderful 2 weeks. :)

gozaki said...

Hi Natalie,
We are friends of your Auntie Beverly and Uncle Wayne in San Diego. We want you to know we are thinking and praying for you! You have to stay strong so you can get well. Take care. We’re sending you lots of positive energy.
Best Wishes,
George and Florence Ozaki

Anonymous said...

Welcome home, little Natalie! We are praying against any pesky complications or fever so you can enjoy all things home.

Sean, we bet you are the most adorable little loyal puppy ever. You and Natalie are so blessed to hsve each other for siblings. What a precious treasure you have in each other.

The Hongs in Seattle

Rosemary said...

So happy to hear you are all home together as a family! Hope you are enjoying every precious moment. You are all an inspiration for the rest of us! We will keep the prayers and positive thoughts flowing your way!

The Rios Family