Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 50

I woke up sad, but really trying to enjoy my days with Natalie and feeding off her positive energy. Natalie is really focused on the positive parts of this stage. She is very excited about being able to leave her hospital room to walk around the BMT area, eating outside food, and going home soon.

We had a great night yesterday. I have not seen her this energetic and happy for a long, long time. She wanted to go outside her room for a walk. It was the first time she was able to walk outside of her room since her admission 2 months ago. She had on her silk colorful pajamas night gown, striped leggings, a rainbow hoodie, purple fuzzy slippers, and a mask. Her eyes were bright with curiosity. She looked adorable. I felt bad for her because there was not much action out in the BMT area. There were 2 nurses out there making IV lines for patients. One of them told Natalie she liked her outfit. Natalie didn't say anything but was really interested in what they were doing. She stood there watching them and I could tell she was wishing one of them would ask her if she wanted to make one too. Her hands starting swelling up so she decided she wanted to go back in her room. When the swelling went down, she went out again.

Today her nurse gave her some lines to play with. She had the time of her life injecting saline into them.


Danna said...

Natalie amazes me everytime! I see a future nurse or doctor!!

Anonymous said...

Go Natalie - Rockin the purple fuzzy slippers! Glad to hear she had a good day :)

tish said...

Natalie you are an inspriration to me and so many! It is healthy to keep positive thoughts and attitude and it has been proven to help people heal quicker.

I can just see her in this outfit playing nurse! My prayers for healing continue for you and yours.

love, Tish