Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day 9

Natalie is in a great mood. She is talkative, energetic, playful, and happy. It's strange to see her this way especially since she is still fighting the two infections. We don't know why she is so happy, but we are really enjoying her good attitude and hope she stays this way.

Sean and Natalie played Mario Party together at the hospital today. Sean was outside of her room, but it was fun to hear them talk and play together. They were a team so every time they won, they both would say, "We're really good at this!" When they lost, Natalie would console Sean by saying, "Don't worry Sean, it's going to be okay." It was really sweet. They both don't like losing, but Sean expresses his sadness more than Natalie when he loses. She knows that and she does try to make him happy when she can.

Please continue to pray that the C Dif and strep goes away and she doesn't have any complications. Also, need those counts to start going up!


Dinh said...

Am praying. Glad Natalie is doing good!

Heather said...

We'll pray specifically for that. Sweet hearing about Sean and Natalie playing together.