Monday, May 17, 2010

Days 10 and 11

Natalie was not in a good mood yesterday. She woke up with a terrible headache so her play time with Sean did not end up too well. They played Mario Party again and lost. Sean cried. Usually, Natalie would comfort him but she was upset too.

Headache went away after they gave her some blood and a little medicine. She was happier and talkative. She ate a little and watched tv.

Natalie woke up this morning with another bad headache. It's gone now, but we are watching it closely. She's comfortably playing her DS. Also found out this morning that she has a third infection. It's showing up in her urine sample and microscopic. It doesn't seem to be bothering Natalie. For now, we are watching that closely as well. They really don't have a good medicine to treat that one so that one worries us more.

It's very gloomy in the city today. We don't like it that Natalie has so many infections going on at the same time. We're glad she is doing well in general despite the multiple infections. Just praying for them to all go away and for those counts to grow.


Dinh said...

Did you read the article I sent you on the promising new treatment for AML?

Tell Natalie and Sean that Jason and I love them and miss them.

Even though we already bought the plane tickets, we might drive to SF instead just so we can have a car, and use the tickets for a future flight.

Tracy said...

Hi Tammy,

Sorry to hear about the third infection. This probaby explains why Natalie was not in a good mood yesterday morning. I miss all of you very much; and I wish we didn't have this distance between us. Maybe I'll work on some elephant clothes for Natalie. She wanted me to make more clothes for her elephants on Saturday night, but I didn't have the patience to sit there and sew six more dresses. Maybe I'll dig through my old fabrics and work on them. Talk to you later.


Rosemary said...

We're praying, praying, praying!!!

Jen said...

I love it when the doctors say say that they are shocked that Natalie hasn't had certain "common" things. This just goes to show the power of prayer and of God. Thanks for the helps me to know what to specifically pray for. I am currently fasting from sweets in order to pray for Natalie and being that I LOVE baked goods she is getting a lot of prayers :o)

love you,

Anonymous said...

lots of prayers for Natalie to do well and overcome the infections.