Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day -2

Natalie is having a better day today. The past few days have been rough in regards to her nausea. Thank goodness she is done with the medicine that made her nauseous. She has hives and had a low fever from the chemo medicine she is getting now. She doesn't seem to be bothered too much from the hives. The fever went away today. She has been playing her DS to pass the time here. They said the hives are caused by her allergic reaction to the medicine, but they should go away Friday. In Natalie's words, "This medicine is not as bad as I thought it was going to be." It's the medicine that everyone has been informing her would make her really sick.

It has been so hard for us to see Natalie sick like this. She hasn't eaten anything since last Friday. Again, I think it's harder for us than for Natalie. She seems to be doing okay and is comfortable.

We can't believe the transplant is 2 days away! Thank you for all your continued prayers. Please pray for Natalie's body to do so well with the transplant.


Heather said...

Only 2 days away!! whoo hoo!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for always posting, Tammy -- Natalie (and you guys, too)are in our prayers. Sending you guys hugs and lots of n & b chasers (nasuea and boredom chasers)!
~The Kiyunas

Dinh said...

I'm glad Natalie isn't feeling as sick as expected. I've been praying that God would provide strength and comfort to her body. Will keep praying for a successful transplant!

Tracy said...

So glad Natalie made it through the week. May God continue to watch over Natalie, providing her with physical & emotional strength as he continue to heal her.

Anonymous said...

so happy that Natalie's not feeling as sick as expected! I can only barely imagine what it must be like to be under all this pressure as parents, and I pray that your strength & faith are strong! :) xoxo -Maritza