Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 1

Natalie is doing well so far today. She is a little tired, but she has some energy. She woke up this morning and read until noon. Then she wanted me to read to her for the next two hours while she rested her eyes.

She is not up for visitors yet, but will allow her favorite medical staff people to come in to say hello. She played a little more with her laminating machine this afternoon.

Grant came down with a runny nose again. Natalie is sad he can't come near her and I'm sad too. The nights are rough back here in transplant unit because the medicines they give her causes the machines to beep constantly. Nobody sleeps except Natalie because they give her Benedryl. The good thing is that she can sleep through anything. Even after being woken up to use the bathroom every two hours, she goes right back to sleep. Hmmm, maybe I should take some Benedryl? At least Natalie does not have to use the restroom every two hours anymore as she did a couple of nights ago.


Anonymous said...

wow Natlie you are constantly amazing me. She will be amazing the doctors too with how well she does!! We will be praying for Grants cold to go away asap!!
love you,
the codys

Maritza said...

Wow that's great about Natalie! Tammy, maybe Grant should try some allergy medicine- At least 5 people, including myself, have said they are coming down with allergies for the first time this week. A runny nose can be allergy related, & I am going to get allergy medicine for the first time ever today. I can't wait for it to kick in- it took me several days to realize that's what I have! :o) Love, maritza