Saturday, May 22, 2010

Days 14, 15 & 16

Days 14 and 15 were good. Natalie had a little headache, but was happy and playful.

Last night she came down with a fever again. Today is not so good. She's been asleep most of the day and she feels yucky. We are asking for prayers that the fever is just a result of her new cells grafting in and that her counts will start going up in the next few days. Also, please pray for the infection in her urine. It's still lingering.


Gina said...

Hey Tammy,
So sorry to hear about another fever. We will definitely pray specifically about that and the infection in her urine. We will continue to pray for those new cells to graft in, and for her very speedy/smooth recovery!

We bought her some books today, and wanted to send them to you.
Let me know how I can do that.

Jen said...

we are still praying. It must be hard to not know the source of the infection and of the fever. it reminds me of the scripture from Proverbs that says "he searches the sources of the rivers and he brings hidden things to light". I will be praying that God will bring the hidden things (sources of infections and why the fevers)to light.
love you,

Jen said...

it was actually in Job not Proverbs :o)

Anonymous said...

Tammy, I'm sorry about that infection. I'll pray about that! Also I will give Gina my address so we can get those books to Natalie. Love you! -Maritza

Anonymous said...

We are sending our prayers and love. We hope the transplant cells are growing and multiplying and that her counts start to improve. It does take time.
Love to all of you,
David and Aiko