Saturday, May 1, 2010

Day -5

Natalie started a new medicine today that is making her feel more nauseous. She threw up twice this morning. She's feeling so bad that she didn't even want to socialize when Yolanda visited.

She did eat a chicken quesadilla yesterday and was talkative with her visitors. She played a little too yesterday.

Today, all she wants to do is sleep. It's hard for her to walk due to the nausea and she definitely does not want anything in her mouth. She also cried today because she said she misses playing with Sean. Grant is bringing Sean to visit in a bit, but he is not allowed to come into Natalie's room. There is an ante room that he will stay in while he visits. He and Natalie can see each other and hear each other. There is just a glass pane between them that serves as a barrier against any viruses that Sean may have.

I'm not sure how things will go on Monday when she gets the third medicine which is expected to make her feel awful. We've been praying for Natalie to have strength through this. Please pray for us specifically that Natalie will have the strength to get through this and have a successful transplant.


Heather said...

We're still praying. Love you all,

John and Heather

Dinh said...

I'm praying and will continue to pray!