Sunday, March 1, 2009

Home after the 3rd round

It is so nice to be home together as a family. Comfortable. Relaxing, therapeutic. We are taking advantage of these few days to rest and recover.

We have all the comforts of home. Tammy and I are the nurses; I flush Natalie's broviac and Tammy checks her temperature. Sean watches cautiously. We don't get interrupted every hour by doctors, nurses, cafeteria ladies, cleaners, linen collectors, or beverage offering volunteers. Of course, we also don't let Natalie eat and drink in bed. Natalie said she'd rather be able to walk all around without a mask. We have to do the laundry (but we can do it together!), change the sheets, vaccuum, cook, clean, wash dishes, throw out the trash. The routine is comforting; I kinda like doing things for myself and I love doing things together.

Nothing wakes us up at night; no beeping IV pole, no crying neighbors, nobody checking vitals. In the morning, Natalie and Sean can run into our room and snuggle with us in bed. We can take naps, get the mail, have some privacy. Hearing Natalie and Sean play together is the best thing. They laugh together. They have all their toys and lots of room to play. They fight, too, but I can send one of them upstairs or downstairs. The fighting is no fun, but it does make the fun sweeter. Natalie helps Sean with his Pokemon DS game and Sean goes downstairs to get Natalie's stylus for her. Tammy, Natalie and Sean cook together in the kitchen and I get to read a book and listen to them.

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Anonymous said...

Hi natalie,
I hope you feel better soon. Thanks for your blog - I am reading it now with my mom. Oh and thank you for the Harry Potter book. I am really enjoying it a whole lot.How did you read it so quickly? Well anyways, I wanted to let you know that I am really praying for you. I am praying for you everywhere I go - at church, at home, and at school - everywhere! I hope sometime this year maybe we can have a playdate.I really love you alot and hope your counts come up faster and faster every second. Thanks alot. Love, Maria.