Monday, March 9, 2009

A Little Headache

Natalie still has a mild headache. The staff here thinks it could be from her lumbar puncture, and it could last for a couple more days. They suggested caffeine to help with it so I gave Natalie some Barq's soda this morning. According to Natalie, she felt better the moment she sipped the soda. She did a couple of scrapbook pages with me, then with Christine. She really got into it so I am happy that it is something new for this round as a project for her.

Natalie is asleep now and has been napping since 4pm. It's unusual for her to nap this early on into her chemo session, but I do think that all the activity of the hospital and home may be catching up to her. I took a long nap today too as I am feeling sluggish as well.

We are done with chemo for this fourth round. Today was the last dose. We just have to wait now to see how her body responds and pray it recovers fast.

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Lisa Gruen said...

A little soda makes most children feel better! It's a bubbly spirit lifter! :) I found this coupon & wanted to share with everyone.
It benefits Leukemia research.
Hugs and kisses