Saturday, March 21, 2009

Getting A Little Better

I am sitting in complete darkness typing this and trying to stay as quiet as possible while Natalie is sleeping. Natalie is getting a little better. Her high fever broke Thursday evening. She didn't have a fever all day Friday, but had a low grade fever at midnight. She seems a little better, but still weak since she has not eaten anything for 3 days. They are giving her some nutrition through her nose feeding tube to help her heal. The rate is very slow though so it doesn't upset her tummy. We are hoping that she can tolerate it so that they can increase the rate tomorrow. Her ANC is still 0. This is probably the worst round we have gone through so far and makes me appreciate the many times that Natalie has been energetic. She had a fever in the first round, her counts were climbing so it wasn't as scary as this. I think I would rather take her energy any day to this.

The doctors say this is what they actually expect from Natalie and that the prior rounds were unusually amazing.

Last night, she was a little back to her normal curious self and asking her nurse lots of questions about his day, what he picked up for dinner, about the birthday party he went to and if they had a cake there, and if he ate any, and why not, and why he wore glasses the other night, etc.. Then, her stomach started bothering her from the nutrition so she was in tremendous pain. She didn't want to talk anymore.

The nurses tell me they know Natalie is not feeling well when she doesn't ask at least 5 questions a day.

We are hanging in there. Of course, it's all scary and hard but we are hoping that Natalie's counts go up soon.


Patricia said...

Hi Natalie,

Hope are are getting better everyday! We are praying for you!

Patty & Wei

Anonymous said...

there were so many prayers being circulated all day long on Thursday, I'm so grateful to hear the good news about the fever breaking that night. We'll keep praying for those ANC #'s to go up!!
Love, Maritza