Friday, February 27, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Natalie wanted to go home so bad yesterday that she skipped Bingo. That says a lot for someone who has a passion for Thursday Bingo at the hospital!

We are happy to be home. Natalie's appetite is insatiable when she is at home. She eats non-stop. She is taking a break from arts and crafts to do something she can't do at the hospital- cook! She made herself a ham and cheese omelette this morning (with supervision of course). This afternoon, she made a pineapple upside down cake almost all by herself. The kitchen was a little disaster when she was done though. I helped out only with the parts where she had to go near the hot oven. She wanted to make homemade ravioli tonight, but eat hotdogs for dinner. I told her that we'll save the ravioli for tomorrow night then because it's a little ambitious. I've never made it before so we'll see...

Sean and Natalie are having a blast playing together. Sean is so excited that he's bouncing off the walls literally. He bounced off the couch and hit is head on the floor today. He's okay but I feel like he needs to wear a helmet with all the mischief he gets into. He knows to be careful with his sister though. He tells me, "I have to be careful with Natawee's broviac?"

While Natalie and I were baking, I asked her if she really was serious about the 500 elephants. She said, "Of course not. I just want to see if people are really reading my blog!" So for those of you who are thinking of getting her the elephants, please don't! She does love elephants though and happy to collect whatever she can collect.

I told Natalie that Maritza and Jennifer had arranged something really special for her when she is done with her treatments. The Oakland Zoo will let her come real close to the elephants and watch them feed them early in the morning before the zoo opens. She can also watch them get their pedicures. She's so excited about that!

We are doing well. Just enjoying some peace and quiet together before we start the next round of chemo next week.


Anonymous said...

It's so great to hear about your time at home and your little adventures there! Natalie is a crack up about the 500 elephants. Little joker! ha ha.
The Oakland Zoo was amazingly receptive as soon as we talked to them. I got patched through to the person in charge *right away* as soon as I asked them to hook Natalie up! Pretty cool! -Maritza

Yolanda said...

haha,'re funny with 500 elephants. you have 479 to go. but good thing you're kidding =). see you friday!