Monday, March 2, 2009

Going Back to the Hospital Again...

Natalie's ANC is at 1847 today so we are going back to the hospital tomorrow morning at 8 am to start our next round. Please pray for this round to go as well as her previous three rounds. The last round was as amazing as the second round since Natalie did not get a fever. Thank you all for your prayers. They are helping so much so please continue praying for Natalie!

As with the last round, Natalie will need eyedrops again. She is also going to be given a new chemo medicine that she has never had before as well as an experimental medicine that she had in her first round. As always, every round of chemo is intense so we are grateful for all your support. We keep thinking it will get easier every round, but the truth is battling AML is not easy.

We did have such a wonderful time home as a family. It was a much needed little vacation away from the hospital.

Natalie misses all her friends at the hospital so she is happy to go back to see them.

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