Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Goals and motivators

(post by Grant)
I read this passage in Job this morning, "But I do not have the strength to endure. I do not have a goal that encourages me to carry on."

It is not a positive passage, but it emphatically does not describe how I feel this morning. We do have goals, many, many, many goals! Here are a list of our goals, some of the ones that encourage me to carry on:

-Natalie just said, "Tomorrow at 10am is my last eyedrops." This round of chemo, we've had to put eye drops in her eyes every 6 hours (4pm, 10pm, 4am, 10am). We're looking forward to the end of that.

-My parents are coming soon to help out.

-Going home after this round of chemo, hopefully at the end of February. It will be nice to have everyone home together again, to sleep in our own beds.

-2 more rounds of chemo. If they last a month each, we could possibly be done with round 4 of chemo in March and round 5 of chemo in April. Home in May!?!

-Having her broviac removed in June.

-Natalie qualifies for Make A Wish. Currently, her big wish is for all of us to go to Disney World Florida! If all goes well, we could even go there this summer. Natalie and I might go bass fishing there (with a guide and a boat).

-10:35am Outside, there was a round of applause and cheers. People are laughing because Yousef is going home. The stayff says he's been here a year. We want to go home, too. I hope people miss us and are both happy and sad to see us go.



Anonymous said...

Hey Grant,
these are such great goals. It's exciting to see little goals come to pass, and it's exciting to see what good things there are to look forward to in the late Spring and the Summer.
We send you our love & pray for you all daily.
-Gene and Maritza & boys

Schaefers said...

Of course we miss you!!! Life isn't the same without the Nakatanis near us. Much love & prayers for you all & we look forward to hearing more good news.
Brian, Cathy & boys

Anonymous said...

I am so impressed with natalie and how mature she is about this. Even with the eye drops, I know Tammy was really nervous about that and sounds like she has done great. We love you guys and will continue to pray. One good thing about going abck early is that you will be done with all the chemo early; not may but april!
Levi, Jen, joshua and Alys