Monday, February 16, 2009


(post by Tammy)

Natalie's counts are hitting low again. She was at 190 ANC yesterday so hopefully they will dip just a little more and start climbing up again. It is possible, if she does not have a fever, for her to go home soon like last time.

We've had quite an exciting weekend filled with visitors. Grant's parents are here to help out for two weeks and they gave Natalie a gift from a friend that Natalie's gramps has known for 40 years. Natalie loves her new gift and has been using it whenever she can- a pink Sony digital camera. It's better than our digital camera. We'll try to post the pictures on the blog when Natalie is ready to part with her camera for a bit. We think it's pretty cool that Natalie can now capture pictures from her view of her journey here at the hospital. Natalie has even taken pictures of herself, which is a big change from not allowing us to take any pictures of her.

Jenny, one of the nurses, also gave Natalie some pretty origami paper and taught her how to make a crane. Christina stopped by as well and made more picture frames with Natalie.

Natalie is still as energetic as always. She has been doing good so far with this round.


Anonymous said...

Hey Nakatanis! Just a quick note to let you know we're thinking of you. Did Natalie & Sean get their Valentines from the boys? We tried mailing them to the hospital because it's always fun to get mail! :)
Love from the Schaefers

Michelle Hafer said...

Hey Guys,

Natalie - we cant wait to see some of your photos. It must be so much fun to take your own pictures.

It sounds like you guys could use a treadmill right about now - the food in the city is definitely way toooo good!

Sorry the night was rough for you - we are ever praying for you all.