Tuesday, February 24, 2009


(by Tammy)

So far Natalie has not had a fever and her counts are going up. She's at 180 ANC today so if she does well and her counts go up tomorrow past 200, we may possibly get to go home for a bit again. Please say a special prayer for us that Natalie's counts will go way up tomorrow and she does not have a fever at all this entire round.

Natalie is getting bored. The nurses had compassion on her and decided to disconnect her from the IV pole last Thursday so that she can have some freedom. She loves going to the playroom without dragging that heavy thing with her.

Last Friday Lara turned 7. Remember Lara from my previous blog? Natalie gave her 7 handmade paper flowers and a note. Well, she couldn't hand them directly to her since both of their counts are low so she had Christina, the nutritionist, deliver them to Lara for her. Lara gave Natalie and Sean some party favors. It makes me happy to see a celebration on 7 Long. Even the little celebrations they have when one of the kids get to go home. There are just so many challenges at the hospital that victories are so sweet.

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