Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Day

Yesterday was Chinese New Year and Valentines Day. It was a little sad to be stuck in the hospital again two years in a row during those holidays.

We had Sean surprise Natalie outside her room window with some Valentine balloons and his happy smile since he is not allowed in the hospital. She was so happy and giggling when she looked down and saw his big smile. He was sad to not be able to visit her. He said Skype is not the same as seeing Natalie in person. Please keep praying her counts go up and she can at least go home to see her little brother before the next round of chemo. The magic number is 500. She is at 70. She really misses Sean too.

Thank you to the families at Sequoia Elementary who sent Natalie the beautiful flowers yesterday. Also, thank you Mrs. Trette for the yummy cookie bouquet.

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Shelley said...

Hi Grant, Tammy, Natalie, and Sean,

I'm Shelley (Art and Terry's daughter) in Ohio. I always keep Natalie in my prayers. She gives my mother inspiration and strength with her own battle. I would love to purchase a bracelet. Could you post an address or if not, I'll try to get Fred and Nancy's from Mom and Dad. I'll never forget your parent's hospitality when my husband and I visited San Diego years ago. Your Dad showed us some special sights and your Mother cooked us a wonderful meal. Back to Natalie--hoping and praying there's a viable donor for her real soon! Shelley (Wise) O'Hara