Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Counts Slowly Going Up

Natalie's counts are slowly going up so we are hoping that she can see her brother this weekend. She misses him so much and he misses her.

She's been in a happy mood yesterday and today. She's also been busy painting every day with the supplies from the lovely gift basket that her school gave her. Thank you Gregory Gardens for the basket.

Natalie recently learned how to knit from her auntie, so her time is now occupied with that too. On top of that, she is working on a couple of props for a new movie she wants to make this Friday with Sadie from BayKids. The first movie she made in Fall 2008 was a hit, so now Natalie wants to make a sequel to that movie. She won't let us share what the movie is about though. Only a few family members have been allowed by Natalie to view her movie, and that's only because they were present when she filmed it. She needs to crank at producing a script for the sequel though. So far, the script is all secretly kept in that little head of hers.

With all the projects she has going on, Natalie's bracelet business has taken a hit. She has orders from customers waiting, but Natalie is no rush to fulfill those orders. She will only work on them when she is inspired to. Part of it is because she's made enough money for her Tiffany elephant. A huge part of it though is because she is an 8 year old who doesn't want to spend all her waking hours making bracelets. She has too many interesting books to read, too many other things to do, and too many questions to bug her nurses with. I am afraid to report to her faithful bracelet customers that Natalie's bracelet business is slowing to a halt.

Do you know who inspired Natalie to make button bracelets? It was Lisa Gruen who made Natalie her first button bracelet and showed Natalie all her beautiful button bracelets one day at her house. Lisa is a mom at Gregory Gardens and she makes the most amazing bracelets out of beautiful buttons. So for all of you who love Natalie's bracelets, you can still order bracelets similar to the ones Natalie made. Just order them through Lisa, who is really devoted to her bracelet business.

We need all your prayers to find a bone marrow match for Natalie! Natalie wants people to pray for two things for her : (1) to find a bone marrow match, and (2)for her counts to go up. She has two big drives coming up this Saturday at Gregory Gardens and the following Monday at Cal.


Wendy said...

I am praying for your family!!! Love Wendy

Jessica P said...

So I see that she chose the elephant! Tell her we said hi. -Love, Jes