Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fever and Biopsy

Natalie had a rough night last night. She spiked a fever and they had to draw blood from her broviac and poke her arm for blood at midnight to make sure that she did not have a broviac line infection.

They started her on some strong antibiotics last night. Her fever subsided this afternoon, but looks like it's creeping up a little again.

Today is Bingo Thursday, Natalie's favorite day all week at the hospital. She is in good spirits, although a little tired. They want to do a follow up biopsy tomorrow at 10 am to check her bone marrow. We need prayers that the biopsy results are good, biopsy goes well, and Natalie's fever stays away.

Thank you to all who are praying for us, working so hard organizing the bone marrow drives, getting tested, wanting to get tested, and getting the word out to people about the drives. It really means so much to us that you are doing everything in your power to help Natalie. We are blown away by people who don't even know us at all, but are working hard to help Natalie. You are all incredible people. Your efforts free us up to focus on taking care of Natalie's daily needs (emotional and physical).

Natalie's website, is up and running. Thank you so much to Patrick for filming and working his magic to create such a beautiful video for us. Please visit the website for information on all the various marrow drives that are taking place in Northern CA and Southern CA in the next few weeks. We really need to get the word out to all people of asian descent to please test to see if they are a match. Please pass the word out to all your asian friends. I know this is asking people to step out of their comfort zone, but we really want people to not be afraid of the testing or the word, "transplant". The test is just a cheek swab with a cotton swab. If they are a match, they will be asked to be a donor for Natalie's bone marrow transplant. I think a lot of people hear the word "transplant" and they think they have to give up something that they can't get back again, like an organ. It's not true. They are basically being asked to donate some blood or marrow that will be transfused into Natalie if they are a match. Some people resume normal activities the very next day and their marrow is replenished by their own body in a few weeks. Their act of kindness makes a huge difference for Natalie. There is more information on Natalie's website. We just wanted to post something here to help people not be afraid of the process or help their friends to not be afraid of the process. I really don't think a lot of people are educated about the whole bone marrow transplant process. Honestly, we were not educated about this until now. After being in the midst of this with our little girl, we would totally not even think twice about being a donor if we were a match for somebody out there.

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Heather said...

SHe's in our prayers. I'm excited to get tested and I hope I'm a match for her.

Love Heather