Thursday, February 11, 2010

Still Waiting

We are still waiting for Natalie's counts to go up and trying to make the most of the time here while we are waiting.

Natalie has been pretty happy, energetic and eating well the past week. Her weight has been stable too so that is good news.

I took some pictures of the beautiful rainbow and butterfly decorations in her room with my blackberry. It looks like a butterfly garden in here thanks to her gramps. He is amazing with scissors. Natalie tells everybody that he doesn't even have to draw out the butterfiles before he cuts them. I will try to post them up for you all to look at tonight.

One of the doctors gave Natalie the idea of making bracelets to sell to the staff here. She has a bunch of beautiful beads that were given to her by my work to keep her busy. Natalie wasted no time in making and posting a sign on her door to sell her bracelets for $10. So far, she has sold 11 of them so business is doing well. We even got an order to make a poodle collar so her business is expanding beyond just bracelets. Natalie is saving the money for her Tiffany fund. Yes, one of the nurses told Natalie about Tiffanys and now Natalie wants to buy something special from there. In fact, she has been on their website a few times looking through the inventory in the $150 or less section on their website. So far, the decision is between an elephant bank or a silver butterfly necklace. At least, the business is keeping her happy and busy.

Natalie has also been busy with visitors. Christine came on Sunday. Ms. Danna came to visit her on Tuesday with cupcakes to decorate for the nurses. Natalie had so much fun and she even got Ms. Danna to play WhooNu with her. She also has her regular visitors that work here who keep her entertained.

We have a full day today too. Her hospital teacher is here spending time with her now, Bingo is at 2:30, and then we are in the playroom for a big chunk of time after that.

Please keep praying for her counts to go up soon. Sean misses her so much and said the other day that what he really really wants is for Natalie to come home.

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