Friday, February 5, 2010

Our Friday

Natalie's biopsy procedure went well. We are still waiting for the results, which may not come until Monday. Our poor little girl woke up hungry and we had to hide all the food in the room so she was not too sad to see them. Good thing her procedure was scheduled early so she only had to fast from 10 pm until 11 am. The moment she was back in her room, she asked for food. I had to walk to a dim sum bakery that was 15 minutes away from the hospital to get her the sticky chicken rice she loves so much. It was worth the walk back up the hill since she devoured almost all of it.

She was a little sore from the biopsy draw. It made me think that this is what her bone marrow donor will feel when we find that special donor for her. The only difference is that her donor will only have to feel the soreness once and be done with it all. Natalie has had to do this procedure and deal with the soreness so many times.

After sitting on an ice pack for an hour, she was up and ready to play WhooNu with Grant and I. We've been playing this game with her ever since she found it in the playroom on Wednesday. It's a game she played with her class at school. It's pretty fun, especially seeing how happy Natalie is while she is playing the game. We all realize we know each other too well to stump each other though.

Natalie did not have a fever the whole time we were with her today. We are hoping it's gone for good.

On our way home from the hospital, we were hurting. It's really hard to be away from Natalie. We know she has fun with her gran and gramps, but we really miss her spunk at home. The house is so quiet without her around and it doesn't feel the same. We all want her home and healthy again.


Heather said...

I'm so glad her fever is gone. I feel for you coming home without her, it must be so hard. We love you guys.


Anonymous said...

So Glad she does not have a fever right now. I have been anxious to hear that our prayers were helping it to go away. Mailed Savannahs card yesterday. Hope she gets it soon.