Friday, May 29, 2009

We're Really Home For Good!

What a day! We were told yesterday that Friday is out for going home since counts dropped and then this morning everything changed again. It's the story of our life- unpredictable, surprises at every corner, and emotional. Got up at 9:00 am and the first question on my mind was what Natalie's ANC is. The nurse smiles and says, "It's at 1,240."

"Are you serious?" I leap out of bed so surprised at the huge jump in numbers.
"Does that mean we can go home?"

Natalie is still asleep and upset that we are stirring her from her sweet slumber. She doesn't want to go home and doesn't want to talk about it because of the huge ordeal with taking a big, stinky pill last night. Since they are trying to transition Natalie from IV antibiotics to oral, she had to begin taking her antibiotic by mouth last night. What a fight that was. She had the biggest fit ever because the pill smells like poo poo to her. She doesn't want to go home if it means taking the poo poo pill by mouth. She finally choked it down after much tears last night.

The doctors confirm what I want to hear this morning- We can go home! They don't know how Natalie made her counts jump so high, but counts are so high that they feel good with discharging her. The bad news is that on top of taking the antibiotic orally, they want to take the pick line out before she goes home.

My emotions are all over the map. I'm too tired to battle with Natalie over the pill and I definitely do not want to even let her know about the pick line removal. I call Grant to pass on the good news and ask him to come immediately for support because Natalie is having a big fit about going home because of the pill. They wanted her to take the pill again this morning. I spot Eileen, Natalie's child life specialist by the door. I've never been so happy to see Eileen. She's trained to talk to kids when they are anxious about procedures and she has a great relationship with Natalie. I send her to Natalie's room as I email everybody the confirmation that we are going home.

When I get back to Natalie's room, she is happy as a clam. She's laughing and talking with Eileen. Eileen has worked her magic. She understands that Natalie is overwhelmed and she is so patient with her.

Good news-they can change the pill to liquid form and just push it through a syringe through Natalie's NG tube. She can keep the tube in until June 9. Only 3 more days of the stinky antibiotic and Natalie does not have to deal with swallowing it after all.

The next battle is letting know her pick line needs to come out. Of course, she is not happy. The nurses and doctors are extremely patient with her and wait the entire 2 1/2 hours for Natalie to remove the tape dressing from her pick line. It took 2 minutes to remove the line after Natalie took 2 1/2 hours to remove the dressing herself.

At 3 pm, we are ready to go. There's a gathering, banner, clapping, and some tears. Natalie and I can't cry. We are so overwhelmed and shocked. We can't believe this is really happening. My body is in some state of emotional shock. Why can't I cry? I normally cry so easily at anything. Is it because I've cried almost every day for the last 6 months that the well broke? The nurses are crying and Grant is crying. I'm just so happy to go home, but I can't cry. I am worried that something is wrong with me.

We get home and Natale is so happy to see the beautiful banner and balloons for her in front of our house. She is happy to see more beautiful decorations in our house and her room. It's perfect and exactly what we wanted.

We eat, and the kids watch a movie. I fall asleep for 2 hours. When I wake up, my emotions kick in. I am crying now as I type this. What a relief to know that the well is working again.

We are so happy to be home and done with Natalie's treatment. I am so happy to see Natalie and Sean playing together again. We are so happy to have wonderful friend and family. We love you all.

We'll continue to keep this blog up until Natalie's considered cured in five years. Thank you all who have supported us on our scary journey. We move on to transitioning Natalie back to normal life and clinic visits. We hope bigger and better things are in store for us around the corner.


Anonymous said...

Welcome Home, Nakatani's! We are so happy for you!
The Kiyuna's

Anonymous said...

Such an amazing journey, we are so pleased that you are all together again at home!
Much love to each of you!
~The Tattenhams~

Heather said...

YIPEEEEE! Jack and Stella and Rocky and I are so happy and celebrateing for you right now!! Jumping up and down. We'll they are since I'm typing :). Hugs from the Hannon's to you all, what a happy day!