Wednesday, May 20, 2009

We're Out of ICU!

They let us out of ICU last night so we are back on the 7th Floor. We're so happy! Natalie's blood pressure is looking good. Natalie and I both slept through the night last night. We were so tired. We had an incredible nurse last night. Her name is My. She is one of Natalie's favorite nurses and she got to all the beeps on the machines before they woke us up. She's pretty incredible because I didn't hear one beep at all last night.

Natalie is pretty tired and overwhelmed from the whole ICU experience. Her stomach is bothering her still so we are hoping that the antacid they give her will resolve that today.


Heather said...

YES!! I'm so relieved to hear that your out of ICU.

Dinh said...

Yay! I'm glad Natalie is doing better!

Danna said...

YIPPPEEE! way to be a fighter Natalie! Hope to see you soon.

Gina said...

yea!!! so glad to hear she's out of ICU -- we'll keep praying for her to fully recover! Go Natalie!

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