Thursday, May 7, 2009

Done With Chemo

We went back to the hospital on Tuesday to continue Natalie's last round of chemo treatment. Today was her last chemo infusion.

Now, we go through a couple of weeks where it gets scary as her counts hit zero again. This is really the part we hate- the blood transfusions, no immunity, and low energy. Natalie's marrow is really tired from all the chemo hits so we've been told that she is not going to bounce back as quickly as her first few rounds.

We are asking for specific prayers for her body to recover quickly and for her little body to be protected from illnesses and infections. Please also pray for us to not get sick either.

Everyone here is trying to help Natalie get through her last round in good spirits. One of the nurses brought in an Easy Bake Oven so Natalie can bake while she is recovering. Another nurse is trying to think of a new craft project for Natalie to do that will keep her entertained. We are all basically trying to think of new things for Natalie to do since she's done practically every arts and crafts project possible.

We are also trying to limit visitors though for this last round because of all the different sicknesses that are out there right now- swine flu, strep, etc. If people would like to write and send her letters/cards, we feel great about that. It would be great for Natalie to finish off her last round of chemo with lots of love. You can send letters directly to the hospital. We are in Room L731.

The Nakatanis


Heather said...

We will continue praying for her. I'm so happy that the last round is done even though it sounds like it is more dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Wow! So happy chemo is DONE!!! We will pray those specific prayers!
love the Kims

Gina said...

Glad to hear she's had her last round. We'll definitely pray for her recovery, and for her to be protected from all illness and infection. Hang in there, Natalie!

Prayers for you Grant, Tammy, and Sean, too!

The Kiyuna's