Thursday, May 28, 2009

Just a Couple More Days

Natalie's counts dropped a little today to 470, so they want to keep her here to make sure it stabilizes before discharging her. This is typical for Natalie- her trend is to go up and down. They said MAYBE Saturday before we can go home. Nothing is predictable with the counts. All we know is that we have learned to go with the flow of things and that it is impossible to plan anything in this situation. It's still good news for us if we go home in a couple of days. We're just so happy that Natalie is doing better.

We don't really want anything big for Natalie when she does go home. We're thinking balloons, a banner, and a cake with our immediate family just to celebrate this milestone. We'll plan a big celebration for her down the road when she is ready to handle the crowd and has a hearty appetite to eat. All of you who have shared this journey with us will definitely be invited.

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