Thursday, May 21, 2009

Roller Coaster

We seem to be on a roller coaster these days with Natalie's health. We experienced a scary plunge on Sunday when she had to go down to ICU, then rose up to a beautiful height Tuesday when we got out of ICU. We've had dips the past few days. She still has a fever that she can't seem to shake. She'll be okay during the entire day, and then get a fever at night. They did a CAT scan on her today and the doctors are looking over the results this very moment as I am typing this. We are hoping that there is nothing serious going on with Natalie and that she can get over these dips and her stomach problems.

Natalie said to me today, "Just a couple more weeks and we'll be done with this mommy."

She has the sweetest voice that melts my heart.

I want to be done with this today. I want to see Natalie laugh, play, and create art. I want to see her run with her little brother and her friends. I want to see her run into our room like she's done almost every morning for years, and jump into our bed. I want to cook with her. I want to go to the Hello Kitty store with her and watch her rummage through every item in that store trying to figure out how to best spend the $5.00 she just got from the tooth fairy.

Natalie has been sleeping a lot the past two days. She gets up for a couple of hours though to laugh, talk, and play. Yesterday, she painted some butterflies from the stained art book that Art and Terry Wise gave her. Today, she played bingo. We also did the "Decoding the Color Mystery" science experiment from the science kit that Grant gave her. She is not listless. She is just trying to get through her tummy pain by sleeping.

We are hanging in there as best we can and hoping that we can come up from this dip soon.


Anonymous said...

It's good to hear about Natalie's activity even tho she (and you all) have been going thru so much. I love you guys. -Maritza

Jessica Rose said...

Thank you for the update. Tammy, this brought me to tears (again), because this is exactly what I've been praying so hard for! We will KEEP praying because we too want to see her laughing and playing and enjoying her childhood again SOON! We love you guys so much!!