Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Natalie and blackjack

Natalie has been clearing about $10/day for 3 days in our blackjack lessons. Today I took my lunch break and played with her again. We played with 3 of her elephants. I also taught her how I can:
stack the deck (whoa, I got 4 blackjacks in a row!) and
deal from the bottom of the deck (4 blackjacks again?).

I'm not teaching her to cheat, I'm teaching her how to catch a cheater. I explained that to her. As I think about it, I also showed her how to keep her cards hidden.

There is some math involved, because I make her count her winnings and she has to add up the cards. I explained the concept of counting cards, but that and odds are pretty fuzzy to her. For chips, we're using these little paper stars she folded. They are different colors, with denominations she made up (nickel, dime, 15 cents, 24 cents, and quarter).

On our last hand, she was the dealer. I bet $1 and got two sevens. I split the 7s. The first 7 stood, the 2nd 7 drew another 7, so I split again. She ended up busting, so I cleared $3. She still had over $11 left in her pile. She's happy, I'm happy, now I get to go back to work and she hopped on her DS.

In other news, her counts dropped from 80 yesterday to 60 today. We have more blackjack ahead. . .


Anonymous said...

I like your story. And hope Natilie feels better.

Anonymous said...

Hi like it