Tuesday, April 21, 2009


We went to UCSF Hospital on Sunday to change the dressing on Natalie's central line. The nurse also drew some blood to see where Natalie's counts are at. As of Sunday her ANC is 640 so we are waiting to do another blood draw Wednesday to see if she will make it to 1,000 to start her last round of chemo this Thursday. If her counts are below 1,000, they will shoot for next Tuesday to start.

This is the longest time that we've been home as a family since Natalie was diagnosed. It's been really nice. We've been spending great time together as a family and the kids have been really happy.

We've noticed that Natalie's bone marrow is taking longer to recover than the previous rounds of chemo. We've been told it's because her bone marrow is really tired from all the chemo, but will eventually recover.

Natalie's appetite is stable. She got sick of fettuccine after eating it day and night for 3 days. She moved on to eating the ham and cheese kid's sandwich at Quiznos for 3 days. Now, she wants waffles and pure maple syrup only. It's strange how she clings on to one thing and eats it until she gets sick of it. She's drinking like a fish again so we are happy about that.

We'll keep you posted on if she starts chemo this week. As always, please pray that she does amazingly well with this round of chemo


Rosemary said...

Tammy and Grant,
Thanks so much for the updates. Its so nice to be able to stay connected with you and Natalie, even if it's from a distance. It sounds like you had a wonderful Easter together! I'm glad you've had this time home together. We'll keep the prayers going! Hugs and Kisses to all!

danna said...

Hi guys!
I'm so glad to hear that you were able to have easter together as well as this extended time together at home and away from the hospital. In my thoughts and prayers as always.