Wednesday, April 22, 2009


is the number from the blood draw today. Not enough for Natalie to start chemo tomorrow. It's going the right direction, but slowly. We are happy to have more time together. It's looking like next Tuesday that Natalie starts her last round of chemo. Natalie is a little sad because she was looking forward to seeing her friends from the hospital tomorrow. We were also all hoping to be done with treatment by Grant's birthday, May 16. That's probably not likely now. In the big scheme of things, we are happy to be together and to see Natalie with energy.

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Gina said...

Thanks for taking the time for all your posts Tammy and Grant. We're glad to see that Natalie's counts are continuing to climb, and especially glad you guys to get a nice extended time together at home. We'll be praying for this last round.

BTW, we were in Bonita/Chula Vista last week, and thought of you, Grant. :)

The Kiyunas