Monday, April 27, 2009

Back to the Hospital Tomorrow

We've had quite an adventurous weekend. We went to the hospital yesterday for a blood draw and dressing change. Then we went to Japantown afterwards to grab some good food and had a picnic in the car. After that, Natalie really wanted to drive across the Golden Gate Bridge home so we did that.

Natalie's ANC is a little over 1300 so we are planning to go back to the hospital tomorrow to start her last round of chemo. Please pray for the biopsy as well as her last chemo treatment to go really well.

As part of her last round of treatment, Natalie needs to get two shots. We finally sat down with her and told her about them because we didn't want her to stress out over it for weeks. Of course, she asked us lots of questions about it--how big is the needle? Is it like getting a flu shot? Does she have a choice where they give the shot? Can she pick the nurse to give the shots to her? We didn't have answers to most of her questions, but she was okay with that. I am sure she will ask the doctors when she is at the hospital tomorrow. She handled it better than we expected. She has grown so much from when she was first admitted to the hospital. I think also because we are getting her a little treat that makes getting the shots more bearable for her.


Rosemary said...

It sounds like you all made the most of your time together! Natalie, you are such a brave girl and such a fighter! You keep up the good work and we'll keep up the praying. I miss seeing you in room 16 but I sure enjoy looking at your bright, smiling face every time I check the site! I can't wait to see you again in person with your new teeth all grown in.
Angel Hugs, Butterfly kisses and prayers,

danna said...

sounds like a good day with the family! I think of you all daily and I'm trying to think of some kind on art project for my next visit....any requests. Natalie, you are so brave and strong and I LOVE that you always have questions about every treatment. have a good week and I'll talk to your parents about setting up a day for me to come hang out.

nowadayz said...

Wow I am so proud of Natalie, she really has grown! I am so relieved! I hope time flies for you the next month...