Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Important Prayer Request

Natalie started her second cycle of chemo today. We really need all of you to please pray that this cycle of chemo will get her cancer into remission. Natalie needs her body to be in a good remission in order to have a successful transplant so it is super important to us that you are all praying for that. Please also pray that she does not get a bad infection or any complications as this chemo will hit her immune system hard again.

We feel very grateful that we were able to spend 5 days together as a family from Friday-Tuesday. Natalie was so energetic so we were able to do a lot together. Natalie played in the backyard, had some adventures with Sean, and finally got to go to Tiffanys to pick out something with all the money she made selling bracelets. Of course, we had to call the store first to explain our situation to make sure it was safe for Natalie to go inside. We didn't want her exposed to too many people because of her low immune system. The great thing was that they were so supportive. They made sure that there was not too many people in the store and had somebody showed Natalie around the moment she walked in. Natalie only wanted to go to the section within her budget so she didn't even want to wander over to the section to look at the diamonds. She's such a practical girl. It took her 10 minutes to pick out a silver heart necklace that she wanted to engrave her initials on. After she paid, they told us that it would take 2 weeks for her necklace to be ready. However, they really wanted her to leave with something since she's been waiting so long to go to Tiffanys, so they surprised us with two matching heart necklaces all wrapped up for Natalie and I to take home! They also gave Natalie a design book wrapped up in a beautiful blue box with a shiny white bow. It was an unforgettable shopping experience for Natalie and she's been telling everybody all about it.


Heather said...

Ahhh, what a sweet story!!. We'll say extra prayers for Natalie.

Gina said...

Wow! So cool. Tiffany's officially is a star in my book now. :)

We will definitely prayer the specifics you guys requested.

All the Kiyunas

The Bushore Family said...

Aww! Love that story! She very much deserves it, too! Will continue to pray for her.
Hugs and kisses,