Sunday, March 28, 2010

Counts Creeping Up

Natalie's counts are slowly going up day by day. We were afraid that she was coming down with an infection last weekend, but she never got one. We are grateful for that.

Natalie has been in a happy mood and she is keeping herself busy. She is learning and exploring from her little hospital room. She recently won an award for the movie she made, she is now editor-in-chief of the hospital school newsletter, and she is staying busy with drawing. Her new mission is to find a portable microscope so that she can look at her own cells from her next biopsy. One of the doctors has been coming in whenever she is free to give her some medical lessons and she promised Natalie that she will teach her all about her cells under the microscope. It's interesting that she is also learning about the world from all the wonderful staff at the hospital who share with Natalie about their travels. One of her teachers just got back from Mexico and got Natalie a hand-painted beautiful treasure box with a hand-painted elephant. Another friend is going back to London to visit family next week. Natalie has asked him to bring her back a stamp for her new stamp collection. She is really excited that he may give her his old stamp collection if he can find it.

Natalie will most likely get a biopsy this week as her counts are going up. Please please remember to pray for the biopsy results to show that she is in remission! Thank you.


Heather said...

I'll pray specifically for that. Have been fasting for her, along with some other sisiter's. I know God is listening.

Hua said...


Natalie seems really inquisitive and bright. You must be so proud. I'm also hoping for the biopsy to show she's in remission!

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