Saturday, January 30, 2010

Good Day Yesterday

Yesterday was a great day for Natalie. Her gran and gramps came and helped her decorate her entire room with rainbows and hearts. They made paper dolls with her too. When I walked into her room that afternoon, she was beaming with joy and hope. She was so proud of the decorations and she was so happy that her grandparents came to spend time with her. She was smiling and happy. I haven't seen her like this since we got back to the hospital, so it was truly a gift for us yesterday to see Natalie happy.

Her counts are low, but they are suppose to go even lower in the next few days. We are scared and trying to face each day by day. We are also treasuring the good days.

Thank you all who are working so hard for the many bone marrow drives and getting people tested. We are grateful for all your kind hearts, your friendship, your support and your prayers.

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