Saturday, September 12, 2009

Thursday Appointment

We've been busy transitioning Natalie and Sean to school that we haven't updated the blog as much as we want to.

Natalie had her monthly blood test and UCSF visit this past Thursday. We always hold our breath waiting for the results. Leukemia still feels like a monster, lurking persistently in our mind, looming over our life, threatening to re-enter it without warning. I'm hoping for the day that we no longer feel the proximity of it and it feels like it is so distant like another lifetime.

We were so happy to hear that Natalie's blood looks great. Hemoglobin is at 14, platelets are at 300,000 and ANC 4,000. We hope and pray it continues to stay strong and healthy for many, many, many years.

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support.

Sean is really loving kindergarten. The school had their annual community parade yesterday. He was looking forward to that parade since last week. After so many years of watching is older sister in the parade, he would finally be in the parade. He kept asking me all through the week, "Are you thinking of what I'm thinking?"
"Probably not," I would reply to him. "What are you thinking?"
"The parade is on Friday!"
It was a joy to see him so happy that day.

Natalie is slowly getting used to school. She still has some awkward days where she feels sad that she is so different, but in general she is enjoying being back in school.

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