Thursday, September 3, 2009

Back To School

It was an emotional week in our house as both kids started their school year. Natalie's first day was a little rough as she did get some comments from her classmates about her hair. She was also very sad that most of her friends are in the other third grade class. She knows a lot of the boys in her class and they all were happy to see her back, but she really wanted to be with her girlfriends. We are working on helping her build new friendships with the other girls in her class. We were afraid that she would not want to go back to school after her first day, but she seems willing to keep going and overcome the different challenges. She inspires us so much with her spirit. We know it's hard for her and I was almost close to pulling her out of school if it was going to stress her too much. She seems to be doing so much better after Monday so I'm glad we hanged in there.

Sean loves kindergarten! On the first day of school, he was as cool as a cucumber. No tears at all. He had this look on his face like, "Okay, you can leave now. I'm all good." I was the one not knowing what to do with myself while both kids were in their classes. Sean comes home every day telling me how much fun he had at school.

Eileen and Gina from UCSF came to Natalie's school today to do their presentation for both of the third grade classes on cancer and how they can help Natalie transition back to school. Natalie was so happy to see both Eileen and Gina that she couldn't stop talking to both classes about her experience at UCSF. We were so grateful for the presentation and hope that they answered all the questions the kids have about Natalie. We hope both classes become like family to Natalie the way the hospital staff became like family to her as they go through her recovery with her this year.


Anonymous said...

YAY! We are so glad you're back at school and in our class again this year! Since last fall we've been keeping up on the blog, and appreciate all the updates. We've been wishing our prayers and hopes for Natalie getting better would help, at least a little. You are amazing and inspiring, and thanks for sharing your story!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh it just brings tears to my eyes to hear all this! I can't believe it's almost been a year since this ordeal began! I love Natalie's spirit to persevere and I love Sean's excitement. It's wonderful to see how your children have come out on the other side of this being strong, faithful, and ready to get back into the swing of things! Much love, xoxo the Kims