Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 130

Wow, I can't believe that it is really Day 130 since transplant. Please forgive us for not updating as much as we've wanted to on this blog site. I think Natalie's Facebook page has been giving everybody the latest updates via posting from our friend Maritza.

For those who are not following Facebook, the latest biopsy done 8/31 is showing .17% leukemia in Natalie's marrow. The biopsy done 8/3 originally was 0 %, but got amended to .2 %. The numbers are going down and we hope it will go down to 0% this month! When Natalie left the hospital on June 26, she was at 2% so .17 is definitely better.

We are enjoying and cherishing our time at home. We took the kids to hang out at Half Moon Bay this past Saturday. Natalie said she had the best time ever since being discharged from the hospital. It made her forget that she was on isolation precautions. She got to walk on the beach with Sean and collect sea shells. When the tide got low near the evening, they found tons of shells that were covered earlier by the ocean. Natalie made a necklace with the shells she found. Sean still has his in a ziploc baggie.

Please keep praying for us. It feels like there is always a twist and turn in this crazy journey we are on. Natalie's platelets were really low today so we are little concerned. We'll know a little more on Wednesday after the blood draw what is going on with her body.

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