Friday, August 7, 2009

Great Day

Yesterday was Natalie's monthly visit to UCSF and blood draw. The morning started with waking up to the sound of Sean's little legs running with delight down the hallway to the living room in search of his DS. He was excited about his last battle with Gym Leader Cynthia on Pokemon Platinum because the victory would mean that after months of battle, he would officially be the champion and arrived at the highest level possible with that game. We've been limiting his DS time to only an hour a day so he's been patiently waiting for his last battle. The battle was quick and he emerged victorious! We have never seen anyone so excited for a battle.

We've been battling Natalie's cancer and transition with less enthusiasm. As usual, we woke up with a little anxiety about how the day would go. So Sean's energy and happiness was much needed and an unexpected gift going into the day.

We went first to John Muir for Natalie's blood draw. Nancy, the nurse who normally performs the draw, was away this week at Camp Okizu (Camp for Kids With or Recovered From Cancer). Natalie was a little sad she wasn't there, but was happy to see Dr. Smith. The Draw took less than 30 seconds and Natalie did great.

We then went to UCSF to see Dr. Clay at the clinic. Yolanda came to hang out with us before our visit. She just got back from China and had pictures to show. Natalie was really excited and so happy to see Yolanda. She almost jumped out of the car when she saw Yolanda on the sidewalk when we pulled in. She was happy and talkative throughout her whole appointment.

We also got good news that we can stop her meds which means Natalie can start going out during the day again! She also can be around people again. We just have to be cautious about handwashing and keeping her healthy.

It was great news and a great day for us and Natalie. Thank you for all your prayers!


Dinh said...

Yay! Good for Natalie!

Anonymous said...

Tammy I love this story and how well it captures the excitement! Sean totally set the tone huh? Great news! We love you. love the Kims :) :) :)

Danna said...

yeah! such exciting news!!!

Heather said...


Anonymous said...

Wonderful Wonderful news!
The Kiyunas