Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday Update

We had a fun weekend with the kids. Sean got a new bike so we've been taking him out to ride it every day. We took Natalie to a gigantic art supply store in San Francisco. It was a dream trip for her and she had a lot of fun looking through all the stuff on all 3 floors. We were very careful to keep her away from people. Thank goodness the store was not crowded so it was easy to do that.

Natalie's platelets are going up. They were at 39,000 last Wednesday and they are at 133,000 from today's blood draw. Her ANC is also up from 1,240 to 2,400. We are so happy to see her marrow recovering. The only thing that is trailing is her hemoglobin. They are stable, but not going up. We need prayers for her body to start making some more hemoglobin.

Natalie is doing so much better with the blood draws. She has grown so much from the first time she got poked with a needle. She still says she is scared, but she is less anxious and takes the pokes really well. It also helps that the nurse who does the draw is really good.

Her doctor today said it will probably take 3 months for her body to fully recover. I guess that will be what Natalie will be doing this summer-recovering. We need to figure out how to make it fun for Natalie. We don't want her to be exposed to too much germs, but at same time want her to have some fun.

Grant and I are taking Natalie to UCSF tomorrow for a bone marrow biopsy. That is done every time Natalie finishes a round of chemo. Please pray for that to go well.


Anonymous said...

Thanks as always for the updates! So nice to hear that Natalie is starting to get out and about. We'll definitely be praying for her hemoglobin and bone marrow biopsy -- and of course complete recovery and healing!

The Kiyuna's

Anonymous said...

We are very happy to hear Natalie's good news of being home and enjoying her shopping trip.We will continue to keep her in our prayers and wish you all the best.

Robert and Michelle Kurtz